Can you sing well or have a singing passion and want to pursue a career in music? Don’t think that you would be selected just on the basis of a good audition, as it is not the only criterion for the music school admission committee. To get admission to music after completing high school, you need to write about yourself in a music school admissions essay.

According to the Zippia research report published on June 20, 2023, 

The earnings of the recorded music industry in the US were $15.9 billion, and annual global revenue was $26.2 billion in 2022. Not just this, it is expected that the global music industry will grow at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2021 to 2026.

Wondering why these admission essays are so important? As important as your musical ability and proficiency are, your admission essay is a key component to impress the admissions committee that you are a good fit for their program. 

Your essay decides your fate as to whether you will get a chance to pursue a genre of music in their college or not. It is more likely to write your personal statement in the form of an admission essay by following the institute’s guidelines.

However, if you don’t know how to write music school admissions essays, don’t worry at all and follow this guide to know the best practices. But, if you still face challenges in writing your essay and are unsure about your skills, you can buy essay online from a trustworthy source.

Here, we will explore what you need to write about in your school admission essay about music to increase the chances of its acceptance and success. 

Best Practices to Write Music School Admissions Essays

A vital first step for anyone hoping to pursue a career in music is enrolling in a music school. To get admission there, you need to write an essay to portray yourself as if you exactly fit their admission criteria. 

Tell the committee about your history of music, how music affects and changed your life and why you want to pursue this as a degree and introduce different music styles.

In the book Student Success in College: Doing What Works!, Christine Harrington gave some useful tips for writing an essay:

It is your one-on-one talk opportunity, and you must make every effort to utilise it in the best way. But what should be the music school admissions essay length? Its word count ranges from 300 to 600 words in length, depending on you and their requirements. 

Before jumping to the best practices, have a look at some of the music school admission essay titles given below. 

1. Music School Admissions Essays Titles

Students mostly find it tough to select a perfect topic to write their music school admission essay. So, to ease your burden, we have come up with a list of topic examples covering classical music, rock music, and all other forms. Popular music essay topics that you can write about include:

  1. The history and role of music on human beings
  2. How different genres of music connect to each other
  3. How good poetry helps to enhance listening to music
  4. The role of men and women in the music industry
  5. Importance of reading music in college to become a successful musician
  6. Foundation and history of various musical instruments
  7. Difficulties that musicians face in today’s digital world
  8. Impact of music therapy on people’s health

The music education market is growing very fast due to its increasing demand globally.  It is expected that the online music education market globally will generate $829.15 million at a CAGR of 18.4% during the year 2023 to 2031. However, this revenue was $180.05 million in 2022, and from here, you can get an idea of this huge growth.

If you are wondering how to write a music school admissions essay and looking for some expert tips, here, we have made the long story short in a few steps that you must read before writing your essay.

2. Share Your Enthusiasm

Start your admissions essay by describing your intense love of music. Tell the committee about your earliest musical experiences, your musical instruments of choice, or a genre of music that inspires you. 

Let your words reflect the role of music in your life and your excitement to get admission to their institute. Admissions officers want to confirm that you have a true passion for music rather than just a hobby.

3. Describe Your Own Musical Adventure

Your music school admissions essay needs to tell the story of your musical development. Discuss your life’s events, both good and bad, and how they have influenced you as a musician. Talk candidly about your challenges and how you overcame them. This shows you have firm determination and a sincere desire to advance.

4. Emphasise Your Successes

Don’t be afraid to share your musical accomplishments. Make sure to include any accomplishments you have, such as original compositions, award wins, and performances at important events. Don’t forget to highlight how these achievements have shaped your music and why they make you an asset to the music school.

5. Describe Your Musical Objectives

Clearly state your immediate and long-term musical objectives. What career goals do you have, such as becoming a composer, music educator, or professional musician? Describe why the particular program for which you are applying is necessary to accomplish these objectives. Admissions officers want to know what kind of thoughts you have related to your musical career.

6. Highlight How Well You Fit Into the Program

Do extensive research on the music school and highlight the aspects of their curriculum that appeal to you. Talk about certain instructors, classes, or special chances that they provide that fit your goals in music. Prove in your music school admissions essay that you’ve completed your assigned readings and that you’re actually curious about the programs offered by the school.

7. Deal with Weaknesses (If Needed)

Be honest but tactful when addressing any deficiencies in your application, such as a lower GPA or a break in your musical training. Describe any events that might have had an impact on your academic or musical performance and how you overcame them to gain new knowledge. You may benefit from exhibiting self-awareness and a dedication to progress.

8. Be Genuine and Distinctive

Staying genuine and avoiding overconfidence are the key secrets to success. Admissions officers read your essay in large numbers, so you need to make an impression by making your wiring distinctive and engaging. 

Talk about your experiences, voice, and distinct viewpoint. When you write, be authentic and allow your individuality to come through and let them see inside of you.

According to the book College Admission Essays For Dummies by Jessica Brenner 2021, You must keep your admission essay real and authentic to enhance your chances of selection, such as:

9. Edit and proofread

Finally, and most importantly, carefully check and rewrite your essay. For this step, you can print out your essay and read it aloud, as it will help you to point out mistakes more clearly. Grammar and spelling mistakes might take away from the overall impression that your application conveys. 

Getting a second opinion from advisors or mentors on your music school admissions essay is also a smart approach in order to get clarification and comments.


Remember that your music school entrance essay is a chance for you to clearly illustrate your musical identity and the reasons you should be accepted into the school. Share your story, showcase your accomplishments, convey your enthusiasm, and prove that you are a perfect fit for this school. 

Be true to yourself, edit your work, follow our music school admissions essay examples and keep in mind that your essay should demonstrate your sincere passion and commitment to pursuing music as a lifetime career. 

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