She is one of the best athletes in America, who attained unbelievable fame in running. She is one of the fastest girls in the world, who lead her country in the race for fame. Natasha began her career as a runner at a very early age and won a number of events at that stage. She is the most talented girl who received numerous awards for her tremendous skills. After reading this article you will learn about versatile runner Natasha Hasting, family, husband, father and mother.

Natasha Hastings Family:

Natasha Hasting belongs to a dusky family living in the heart of New York. Her family consists of a few members, who live together and enjoys the little moments of their life with each other. She has a younger brother Justin who is just in his teenage. Justin is one of the biggest fans of Natasha who always supports her sister. She also shares her happy moments with her beloved brother.

Father Charles Hastings
Mother Joanne Hastings
Siblings Justin
Kids Liam
Husband William Gay

Natasha Hasting Mother:

Natasha Hasting is very close to her mother Joanne Hastings, she is the one who helped her daughter to fulfill her dream. Natasha’s mom always stand with her daughter and moved across the country for the sake of her daughter’s career. She is very close to her mother so she never makes any decision without consulting her beloved mom.

Mother Name Joanne Hastings

Natasha Hastings Father:

Natasha Hasting was born to a Jamaican father Charles Hastings. He is very loving towards his daughter Natasha Hasting. According to running freak Natasha, Her father is an ideal father who always supports their children to fulfill their dreams.

Father Name Charles Hastings
Natasha Hastings Husband:

Natasha Hastings is currently unmarried but she is dating a football player William Gay. She is very happy with his boyfriend and also wants to tie the knot with him.

Husband Name William Gay

Natasha Hastings Siblings:

Natasha Hasting only has a younger brother named Justin. He is one of the huge fans of running Queen Natasha. He always supports her sister but sometimes he proves very irritating to her when she remains at her home. She loves her younger brother a lot.

Siblings Justin
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