The gaming industry is always expanding and is ready to offer different numbers of players new variations of gameplay and interesting content with a clear link to the number of players, so that different groups of friends find it interesting and profitable to play together.

These can be either competitive projects or cooperative ones for playing together, or simply games designed for collective action, and you will decide for yourself how to use these mechanics.

World of Warcraft

This is a fundamental project that has existed for more than 20 years and is one of the progenitors of the MMO RPG genre as a whole.

You will be able to choose your faction from the two proposed ones, race and class, to start your leveling and WoW boosting all together, but for this it is advisable to combine your characters with each other according to their roles in the group.

These should be attack and defense classes.

You need a healer and a buffer so that your group will always be able to continue the fight in any conditions, ideally if you can add a tank to them, but this already depends on the number of all players who are ready to play together.

The fact is that a full-fledged group that has all the supports can already qualify for many raids without outside players, which means you will have constant boosting in World of Warcraft and access to rare rewards that will always go only to your characters.

If this is not possible, but you have played well enough with each other, or are ready to learn how to do it, then you can focus on another important mechanic of WoW – PVP.

World of Warcraft is a long history of confrontation between two factions – the horde and the alliance, and by choosing one side, you will forever become enemies of the other.

This means that starting at level 20 you will have the opportunity to engage in battle with all representatives of the other faction in adjacent territories, and the key thing is that WoW rewards such players who seek battle and win it. They are given coins of valor, which can be accumulated in order to exchange for special equipment that has inflated parameters specifically in confrontation with other players, which will significantly help you and your group to get good parameters and engage exclusively in fights, and then in WoW boosting and grinding.

GTA 5 online

If you are played by exactly four players, then this will be the ideal gameplay format for your group, because most of the most interesting mechanics of the project from Rockstar Games are involved in exactly this number of players.

You will continue to deal with the same mechanics as in single player, but unlike the hackneyed missions and familiar characters, these will be new challenges and robberies, which will also require special real estate for which you will have to save up.

Fortunately, if you play together, then by joining forces you will quickly buy everything you need, especially if you do business and buy garages for transporting weapons, drugs and cars.

You can go the other way and simply replay each heist until the total loot is not enough to buy a new one and so on, especially if you can do this quickly and agree to distribute the share to one character – then the process will go faster.

It’s better not to choose the provincial bank robbery from Leicester for this – it divides the players into two groups and does not bring a good reward. It’s better to take a bunker robbery, or any other one that’s comfortable for you for 4 players.

It will be good if you quickly open the penthouse in the Diamond club and do everything necessary to rob it, because then you will receive the greatest reward and the task itself is quite interesting and similar to the famous film – Ocean’s 11, but not exactly.


If you like shooting and survival mode, then PUBG is perfect for you, especially since it has matches with a mode for the required number of players, from one to four.

If you want achievements, then land in safe places, collect loot and gradually and carefully move towards the end point of the match when it is indicated.

And if you like drive and shooting, then just land in big cities and engage in battle with any enemies – you will either kill everyone and continue your way to the top 1 squad, or quickly die and go look for a new match, so chance will decide everything and your gaming skills.

Destiny 2

If you have three or four players, you can assemble the perfect group to absorb any content in the Bungie project – Destiny 2.

This is an MMO RPG in the shooter genre, in which players repel the attack of alien invaders while simultaneously exploring space and destroying monsters and other bosses.

The project has all three characters:

The Titan is a tank and defender with ranged weapons and the ability to attack and knock back targets with steel fists.

Warlock is a marksman and mage, can be either a healer or a mass attacking class.

The Hunter is a ranged marksman, a master of traps and daggers, a versatile class and a full-fledged attacking character.

You can combine a squad to get the perfect composition – a titan, two warlocks and a hunter will destroy any raid and leveling zone, get the best equipment and they don’t even need to go to PVP events like Trial of Osiris for the sake of seasonal legendary equipment – they will get everything in battle and will go to Neptune, carry out new tasks from the commander Saint 13 and continue the development of history and the destruction of aliens in all their manifestations, finally removing the threat to the inhabitants of the cities.

Two warlocks are not a prerequisite for a successful group, they will simply provide good massive damage and healing at the same time, but you can combine them as you feel comfortable – taking two tanks for greater reliability, or hunters for damage, but then the load is on the healer and the defender will be much higher.

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