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Oscar De La Hoya Siblings Mother Father Parents Daughter Son Family

Of course, Oscar De La Hoya got boxing in heritage as his grandpa and many other from family were professional boxers. And yes, he continues the legacy of forefathers in a best way. Furthermore, he has loving family and siblings who have very good term with him.  Surely, the person he missed a lot is his mother, who passed away, when he was rising in boxing line.  Initially, she was not supporting him to join this sport but soon she convinced by seeing that he had a natural skill of fighting in ring. However, life deceives her with a very harmful disease and she left the world just at age of 40 years. Now, in her remembering, this boxer son did a lot of work to control this disease.

a great Oscar De La Hoya boxing champ family

Oscar De La Hoya Siblings:

One of the Oscar De La Hoya siblings is a boxing promoter, and also rumored that he is also ready to become a professional boxer. Meanwhile, his sister is a makeup artist and she is very close to both of his brothers.

Brother Joel De La Hoya Jr.
Sister Ceci De La Hoya(One Sis)

Oscar De La Hoya Parents:

Of course, Oscar De La Hoya father was a very good boxer of his time who seriously support him to get him in the boxing. Meanwhile, his mother was a house wife and supported her husband in kids in every of their decisions.

Father Joel De La Hoya Sr.
Mother Cecilia De La Hoya(Late)
  • Children:

Fame is one of the major reasons that many of the beautiful ladies were loved to become Oscar De La Hoya partner. So, he got advantage from this situation and has 5 kids from 3 different moms. With one of baby mama, he got engaged and with one he also got married.

Daughter Atiana and Nina Lauren Nenitte De
Son Jacob, Devon and Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya

Despite of having these kids with different partner, he has good terms with all of them.

 Oscar De La Hoya Relationships:

Wife Millie Corretjer
Ex Fiance and Baby Mama Shanna Lynn Moakler
Ex Girlfriend and Baby Mother Angelicque McQueen

Now, the family of Oscar De La Hoya is happy and gelled well together. Furthermore, he has a sharp mind to alive him in media and also does not afraid from controversies. Recently, he planned many new things to do; because after retirement he proved himself a very good promoter too.

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