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Wentz’s father was a lawyer while the mother was a counselor in school. He is an English-German from his father’s side while the mother is of African descent. Meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson is his ex-wife. They were blessed with a son in 2008 but Ashlee filed a divorce in 2011. So, after the dissolution of this marriage, Pete moved on to date Meagan camper and they both have a baby boy and later a baby girl in 2018. Till now they are on the right path and live a beautiful life with their kids. Moreover, personally, Pete is known to have a mental disorder called Bi-polar disorder since his teenage days. Even, he attempted suicide after taking a heavy dose of Ativan which is a medicine for mental disorders. But, now he is totally fit and get complete recovery from this disease.

a popular Pete Wentz is now

Pete Wentz Family:

  • Father: Pete Wentz II
  • Mother: Dale Wentz
  • Girlfriend: Meagan Camper
  • Wife: Ashlee Simpson( Ex)

Undoubtedly, Wentz is a distinguished singer, musician, A&R consultant and a record label’s producer. He is a prominent bass player, lyricist and is a band member of rock band fall out boy. Fall out boy is going strong since 2001. The music band released many famous albums and singles.

Pete Wentz Parents:

  • Mom: Dale Wentz
  • Dad: Pete Wentz II

Yes, Wentz is known for being a skilled musician and lyricist. He started learning bass since his teenage. He is involved in many ventures and also tried his luck as a host. He was the host of a famous reality show called Best Ink for all its seasons.

Pete Wentz Kids:

  • Daughter: Marvel Jane Wentz( From Current Partner)
  • Son: Bronx Wentz( From Ex-Wife), Saint Lazslo Wentz( From Current Partner)

Pete Wentz Siblings:

  • Sister: Hillary
  • Brother: Andrew Wentz

Although, his relation with the brother is very good and friendly but he is very much attached to his sister Hillary.

Pete Wentz Major Works:

Wentz is always appreciated for his diligent work. The band “Fall Out Boy” released his album From Under the Cork Tree in 2005 which went on to become very popular and placed at number 15th on the Billboard charts. Since then they have been getting many awards for their fine performance.


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