The most commonly used format for commercial printing is the PDF format. Every graphics software has the ability to generate it. However, you must remember about the detailed quality settings of the output PDF file.In other printing techniques, printing houses may expect the client to send open files (e.g. Ai, CDR, PSD). However, this happens less and less often in professional companies.

About PDF

Most of the files are be stored digitally. Here, the format created in 2007 by Adobe System – PDF (Portable Document Format)- is extremely popular and useful. 

PDF is a file format used for presenting, transferring and printing text and graphic content. Currently, the format is developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization.

Saving such a file in advance as a PDF makes it easier to print or send by e-mail. Some programs allow you to directly export the file to PDF. In the SwifDoo PDF program, there is a PDF converter, which allows you to easily convert from/to PDF files.

Printing to PDF: The Reasons

Shelves of binders, pallets of paper reams and stacks of plastic sleeves. In addition, empty ink and toner containers should be disposed of properly. Printing documents and then storing them is a significant logistical challenge.

Progressing digitization means that many companies and institutions choose digital storage of all types of printouts. This is quite important because in many industries companies are required to store documents for a certain period of time.

Why is PDF so necessary? Let me give you a simple example. Try the same file in doc format, open in two different programs. It will run Microsoft Word differently and the free Open Office differently. This state of affairs will make life very difficult, especially in the case of forms where tables dominate.

Printing to PDF: Defects

Before you start printing to a PDF file, remember that this feature “flattens” the file. The mentioned flattening causes you to lose the ability to edit the document.

It is possible to save interactive PDFs, but in some cases this may lead to forgery or abuse. It’s all a matter of what you’re converting to PDF.

How to Print to PDF: Instruction

Printing a file to PDF is an increasingly popular method used by more and more people. No wonder! The printing to PDF option allows us to create an electronic copy of the file, which we can then save to disk. 

This solution allows us to significantly minimize costs and reduce the number of documents that we often have no place to store. The SwifDoo PDF virtual printer works in the applications that is adapted to Windows.

Printing to PDF with the SwifDoo PDF is very simple. You only need to connect a physical printer. Everything will be taken care of by a virtual printer that only exists in the program.

Here are the instructions:

  • You open your file that you want to print.
  • As always when printing, right-click on the file and then select “Print” from the list.
  • Then a printer dialog box appears. There you set everything up and preview the file.
  • Click “Print“, wait the printer to finish the job.

Printing to PDF

Storing files in PDF is a convenient option. Unfortunately, it involves some risks as well. Computers are electronic devices, while hard drives don’t last forever – everyone will stop working someday.

If we don’t make backups regularly, we may wake up one day without all our carefully printed PDFs. Clouds are a good solution, but here we have to subscribe to a service provider.

Although digitization is progressing, we still have to keep many documents in paper form. Remember this!

How to Extract and Save Multiple Pages from a PDF File?

If we have a multi-page PDF file and we need to extract one of them, printing to a PDF file via the so-called a virtual printer will be the best solution. 

To do this, open the PDF file and find the page you want to save as a separate page. Then go to the “File” and “Print” tabs and when the printing window appears, select the available virtual printer. Go to the “Pages” tab, where we select the pages we want to extract. We give a name and select the location where the new file is to be saved.

In its latest products, Microsoft has a virtual printer built into the system, so there is no need to install additional plug-ins or dedicated programs. To create a file in PDF format, simply select the “Print” command and then find “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the list. So, as you can see, this is a very simple activity to perform and make using PDF tools very easy.


Simply put, when you flatten a PDF, it will turn it into a read-only file. Whether you want to disable interactive properties, protect design and forms in a PDF, print PDF files, or share files with certain publishers, this is an essential process you should be aware of.

Here you can learn how to flatten a PDF file with a dedicated PDF program. SwifDoo PDF is a versatile choice for deactivating editing tools and preserving the original structure and fonts for your PDF file in all of the cases.

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