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No doubt, Quincy Brown is a talented guy who proved himself with a unique work in the music industry. Because of a special style, he has made his own identity. Along with singing and rapping, Quincy has done some selective work of direction and production. In recent time, he also involved himself in the watched business and also launched a watch brand too. So in short, this young guy is a successful singer, a part-time director and doing business as well. Meanwhile personally, the family of Quincy Brown has confused everyone. As it’s mentioned everywhere that he is the son of two dads. Surely, is not easy to understand: how is it possible? It’s really simple, among these two, one is his biological father and another is his stepfather.

the skilled Quincy Brown

Quincy Brown Family:

  • Brother: Christian Casey(From mother Side)
  • Brother from Father Side: Albert Brown IV and Devin Brown
  • Sister: D’Lila Star and also Jessie(From Mother Side)
  • Wife: Unmarried
  • Kids: Yet, not Kids

Quincy Brown Girlfriend:

Till last year, Keke Palmer was his girlfriend. Although at a time they gave the signal of long time relation, but they failed to do it. Before this, he surprised every with his relationship to Kelly Osbourne. But, with this lady, he was not seen at any public place.

Quincy Brown Parents:

  • Biological Father: Al B.Sure
  • Step Father: Puff Daddy’s
  • Mother: Kim Porter

Quincy Brown Dad:

Basically, his real dad is the Al B.Sure, who left her mom after his birth. So, then he rose up by the next partner of his mom Sean Combs. This is the reason that he has a strong affiliation with his stepfather and always claimed him a real dad.

Quincy Brown Mom:

Furthermore, Kim Porter is his mom, who passed away in 2018. Surely, he was very close to mom, that’s why he always missed her. Surely, no one in this world will fill the gap of his mother. In an interview, he told that both of his dads have a different style, but I always love to be like the MOM. Oh, these are not ordinary feelings.

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