Even though horse races last for around 2 minutes, it is truly mesmerizing to see the amount of effort organizers, participants, and even the attendants put in order to make the event look and feel more special.

It is truly a one-of-a-kind sport, where there is competition in every field, literally!

Jockeys want to be the fastest on the track, attendants go for high fashion in order to stand out from the crowd, and bettors are always looking for the next winning bet to brag about.

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But let’s go back to horse racing fashion and find out what is the secret recipe for looking fabulous on the racetrack. Is it the latest trends, or the memorabilia-inspired outfits?

Let’s find out.

How to Achieve the Perfect Style for Any Horse Race?

When it comes to race day attire, both men and women are required to follow specific fashion rules. Actually, dressing down will make you stand out more than dressed up.

It’s worth noting that races frequently have their own fashion codes you must follow. While many are just assumed, others will not let you in until you follow their written code.

When it comes to creating looks inspired by the spirit of the track, apart from the dress code (if present), you have to follow certain rules.

Memorabilia and Symbols

As you probably already know, horse racing events are dripped in history and tradition. Most of them are more than 100 years old and throughout the years, they’ve been given a bunch of different names or they are based around certain traditions.

For example, the Kentucky Derby is also called “The Run for the Roses”, which is why we probably see a lot of outfits at the main event that incorporates roses. Additionally, the Black-Eyed Susan flower has become the Preakness Stakes symbol, and they even named their official cocktail just like the flower. 

So, the idea is simple. Try to find out more about the history of the event and what it symbolizes. After that, try to incorporate similar colors, shapes, or elements in your outfit inspired by the Derby.

Dress Smartly

When you don’t know much about the horse race and are unable to identify particular aspects that the race represents, you can follow the simple guideline of dressing smartly.

The first and most important piece of advice that applies to any sort of race event is to dress smartly. 

Men, for example, are not required to wear a blazer and tie, although smart casual is usually a fine option. 

Women can follow a few easy principles, such as avoiding wearing short skirts, high heels, or showing too much flesh; the secret is to leave a little to the imagination and experiment with colors and accessories without going overboard.

Experiment With Colors and Patterns

It happens all the time: you see a distinctive outfit you like but don’t purchase it because you’re afraid you won’t have an occasion to wear it.

A horse racing is the ideal setting for trying out new dresses or pantsuits. While you wouldn’t wear a white dress to a wedding, it may add a splash of color to your horse racing outfit.

Patterns may help your clothing feel more conventional. Floral motifs are very suitable for channeling nostalgic moods.


Race days can be really tough, especially when not choosing a comfortable outfit. Instead of formal clothing, you’ll quickly want to get in your comfortable yoga pants. Formal attire, on the other hand, does not have to be uncomfortable!

Most of the day will be spent on your feet, as you lean over the railing to gain a closer glimpse of the horses or wander across the grass. In this instance, you should wear shoes that emphasize functionality. If you want to create an exquisite yet practical appearance, wedges or ballerina flats are terrific footwear alternatives.

When choosing a dress, avoid ballgowns that drag on the floor. You want to seem elegant, but a low-hanging dress may be difficult to keep clean as you move around during the races.

If you find dresses uncomfortable and impractical, consider wearing a pantsuit instead. They are as lovely as dresses and come in a range of interesting styles!

Accessories are Crucial

Accessorizing is essential and a terrific way to incorporate your personality into your style and appearance. Shoes, hats, luggage, jewelry, watches, pins, gloves…the options are numerous. A good rule of thumb to remember is that accessories do not have to be huge and sparkly; in most cases, less is more. 

Accessories help you to complete your clothing and achieve a distinct and professional appearance. Furthermore, you may spice up your look by integrating derby-inspired aspects into your accessories. Rose pins, for example, are ideal for men and women attending the Kentucky Derby.

They are the finishing touch and most likely define your personality and style.

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