Real Madrid club is Spanish club which is located in Madrid Spain. It is one of the top football clubs in the world which was formed in 1902 in Madrid. Real Madrid football players are the best footballers in the world who have fan following in all across the world. Peoples from all across the world love them and always stay loyal to them. They always want to look into the life of their famous football stars. They always remain conscious to whom they are married or to whom they are dating. Most of the real Madrid players have got marriage but some are still single and enjoying their bachelor lives with their girlfriends. Real Madrid Players Wags Wives And Girlfriends always become the center of attention of fans from all across the world. We have arrange the list of real Madrid Players wages on this page. So scroll down and check the list of Real Madrid Players Wags Wives And Girlfriends.

Real Madrid Players Wags Wives And Girlfriends

Gareth Bale Girlfriend Emma Rhys-Jones Pictures:

Gareth Bale is a well known Spanish footballer who also plays as a forward for Real Madrid club. He is dating to Emma Rhys-Jones. The couple is very happy with each other and living happily with each other. They haven’t decided yet to get married but there are some rumors that they have got engaged. As they will decided, we will update it here as soon as possible.

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