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Despite a few differences with the family, rush Limbaugh was always backed up by the family. Once he told that he was not an extraordinary student, so being a son of the educated U.S. ambassador he considered himself a black sheep. When Limbaugh’s parents felt that he was more interested in radio rather than studies, then they gifted him a toy radio. And most often appreciated him to do practice in the bedroom.  Furthermore, he did the first job of radio as a DJ during his high school days. But face difficulties at that initial phase of career. But he was not lost his hope and become number top rated Radio host in 1984. Furthermore, his own show was on air in 1988, and probably now this is the third decade of its success.

a real talent Limbaugh is now

Rush Limbaugh Family:

  • Father: Rush Limbaugh Sr.
  • Mother: Mildred Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Wife:

Yes, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh is one of his successful wives among the 4.  However, she is about 26 years younger than him, but still, they managed to understand each other. Hopefully, this is his last marriage as now he is facing a few health issues too.


  • Roxy Maxine McNeely
  • Marta Fitzgerald
  • Michelle Sixta

Rush Limbaugh Kids:

Although Limbaugh is the author of a book; but personally he has no kids. Yet, no one knows, what the reason that he failed to get a kid.

Rush Limbaugh Siblings:

  • Brother: David Limbaugh
  • Sister: N/A

His brother is also a popular commentator as well as a professor. Yes, both of them have their own opinions about politics and appeared in various shows as a political analyst. And no doubt, their views are really considerable.

At the end of this text, we don’t forget to pray for Rush Limbaugh because he is fighting with the lung’s career. But, he is a man with strong wills that why surely he will get rid of it soon.  Surely, radio needs him as he is a true legend of this industry.

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