Russell’s family is lucky to have various athletes. His father and mother both are famous players of their time. Yes, his dad played football at a professional level and still remembered for many good performances. Meanwhile, Russell’s mother was a tennis player and currently coach’s female tennis players in America. He has a brother who is older than him and a younger sister. Furthermore, his grandfather was a superstar player and played two sports. He was a multi-tasker and played both basketball and football. With such talented roots and genes, it is not astonishing to see the inborn talent that Russel has. In addition, he was a lucky kid that his father and brother were his companions while playing football.

Russell Wilson Family:

  • Father: Harrison Wilson, III
  • Mother: Tammy T. Wilson
  • Brother: Harrison Wilson, IV
  • Sister: Anna Wilson

Personal Life:

Russel met his first wife during his college days in 2012 and they got married shortly after graduating from college. The marriage didn’t last for long and they separated their ways after 2 years of marriage.

Later in 2014, he found love again in the singer and songwriter Ciara. They met during a promotional video shoot and got close to each other. They got married after dating for a few months. They are now parents to two beautiful children. The two love birds own two dogs and they consider them a part of their family. Their social media accounts are full of their dog’s pictures that show their prominent love for their pets.

Russell Wilson Kids:

  • Son: N/A
  • Daughter: Sienna Princess Wilson

Russell Wilson Race:

Both of his mother and father are black and it’s supposed that he is an African American. But, verified info about his race is not given.

  • Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Along with a fantastic athlete, Russel is also a social worker and a philanthropist and gives out quite a lot of money for charity. He regularly donates a huge sum of amount for a children’s hospital. He also holds campaigns and events for diabetes patients. Now, many people look up to him as their idol. However, the idol to many fans didn’t have it easy all the way. He had his share of hard times. He got rejected and wasn’t considered fit for a harsh and demanding game like football because he was 5 feet 11 inches tall. Undoubtedly, he overcomes all the obstacles and managed to come out as a winner and is now a successful football player.

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