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Seth Rollins Family Photos, Wife, Parents, Real Name, Age, Height

Seth Rollins is a top professional wrestler in America. He is currently touching the heights of fame due to his out class performance as a wrestler in WWE and RAW. Seth started his career as a wrestler through Scott Country Wrestling SCW in 2005. He became SCW heavyweight championship in his early days of career and become prominent. He has performed in many small and local brands but came into lime light after signing WWE in 2010. After this he won FCW championship and FCW Grand Slam Championship. He stepped into WWE through The Shield along with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in 2012. He is two time champion of WWE World Heavyweight Champion, one time WWE tag team champion, one time United States champion and winner of 2014 Money in the Bank. Seth Rollins also remains super star of the year in 2015. Please Scroll down for more information about Seth Rollin, about his family, real name, age and height.

Seth Rollins Family Photos, Wife, Parents, Real Name, Age, Height

Seth Rollin Family:

He hails from a well known family of America. He is from mix German, Irish and Armenian descent. Seth doesn’t like to talk about his family that is why we have no more info about his family. We are trying our best to access his family, as we will come to know about his family, we will update it here soon.

Seth Rollins Family Photos, Wife, Parents, Real Name,Height

Seth Rollins Wife:

He has not married yet but he is currently engaged to Leighla Schultz. He is going to tie the knot with her soon. Before this he has also dated to the well known American wrestler Zahra Schreiber. As the couple will exchange their wedding rings, we will update it here soon.

Seth Rollins Family Photos, Wife, Parents, Real Name, Age

Seth Rollins Parents:

As I already mention that he doesn’t like to share his personal detail that is why he also hasn’t talked about his parents. We are trying to access his parents, as we will come to know about any latest news regarding to his parents, we will update it here soon.

Seth Rollins Real Name:

 His real name is Colby Lopez but he like to use his ring name Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins Height:

He is one of the fittest wrestlers with perfect height and weight ratio. He is 6.1 feet high, which is a perfect height for a wrestler.

Seth Rollins Age:

He was born on 28th May in 1986. He is going to celebrate his 31st birthday in 2017.


  1. hiii Seth i think that you and Roman make the shield team again.
    may be Dean attract to both you
    plzz accept my request plzzzzzzzzzz yr

  2. Dear Seth I am a big fan of your for a long time , I love to meet you I am in love you in a long time you ask me to marry you and I said yes then you got engaged to other woman why did you ask me to meet you, go out on a date with you and ask you to marry you why did you lie to me

  3. Seth u r good without the shield
    U r evil that makes u the best one
    #!!!!EVIL RULES!!!!

  4. I think that you roman and dean ambrose make the shield team again

  5. We want to see the reunion of shield soon because all the members are on Monday night raw. If Seth really regrets upon what he did for HHH then he should reunite the shield. Shields reunioun should not affect their styles

  6. I’m not sure about these crazy comments from others, but all I want to say is that you are an awesome wrestler. Good luck always!

  7. Buddy u the best u fear no one ……huh….am looking unto u in summer slam

  8. seth i m a big fan of u love u seth and dean

  9. David Featherstone

    Love u Seth

  10. I am the big fan of Seth Rollins I like you to meet in this century this is my best personal achievement

  11. I am very pleased that the shield has reunited…You all are the business!!! Keep The Shield Together!

  12. Seth, you are a part of the shield, don’t break it up because you make the shield and the shield makes you.

  13. Hi Seth. You re one of the most fit wrestlers I’ve ever seen. I enjoy your fights. You are really good at what you do you’re a huge asset to see and I love watching You! Zeena Trinidad

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