Simone Biles is professionally trained artistic gymnast present in America, who has won sixteen gold medals as individual gymnast and with her team. In her long career, she became three with world floor champion, three times world all around champion and two times balance beam champion. Her career was not easy and she faced many hurdles in her life to accomplish her dream. She did gymnastic for the first time at very early age of six years. After this she got training from many professional trainers like Aimee Boorman and many others. Apart from her gymnastic career, she has also participated in Dance with the stars as a contestant with Sasha Farber and recently eliminated on 15th of May in 2017. In this article you will come to know about the Simone Biles, about family pictures, parents, siblings, age and height.

Simone Biles Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Mother: Shanon Biles
  • Father: Kelvin Clemons
  • Sister: Adria Biles
  • Brother: Adam Biles, Ron Biles Jr.

Simone Biles Family:

She was born and brought up into a poor family of Columbia Ohio. She was born to Mr. Kelvin Clemons and his wife Shanon Biles. She has also three siblings too. Simone had not enjoyed her childhood because of drug addiction of her parents.

Simone Biles Parents:

She is the daughter of Mr. Kelvin Clemons and his spouse Shanon Biles. His parents were unable to feed their children and were involved in drug addiction. She still loves her parents.

Simone Biles Siblings:

She has three beloved biological sinblings named as Ashley, Tevin and Adria. Later she was adopted by her grandparents and become the adopted sister of Ron Jr, and Adam. Her sister Adria is also a gymnast too.

Simone Biles Age:

This multi talented gymnast was born on 14th of March in 1997. She is in her 20th year of age and going to step into 21st year in 2018.

Simone Biles Height:

She is 4.8 feet tall and also has perfect weight too. Her height is short but perfect for her according to her profession.

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