Taylor Rapp Family Parents Nationality Girlfriend

Small eyes and bit Chinese face shape of Taylor Rapp is just because of his Chinese mom and an American father. Yes, his mother moved to Canada when she was very young. Although his mother didn’t live in China for long but still she has managed to build Taylor’s character according to the traditional values of China. Yes, he is very close to his mother. That’s why she regularly attends his matches. Taylor’s father owns a bakery in Houston and his business is going fairly well. Furthermore, he is just 21 but the kind of game he plays makes him an inspiration for many young aspiring football players. Now, he is playing for the under 20 team of LA rams from a year and because of his exceptional skill, he will sign for the national level team really soon.

the one Taylor Rapp Family and Parents

Taylor Rapp Family:

  • Brother: Austin Rapp
  • Sister: N/A
  • Wife: Unmarried
  • Kids: Not having kids

Taylor Rapp Nationality:

At the time of Rapp’s birth, his parents were based in Canada but later moved to the United States. Taylor has spent most of his life in America and holds an American nationality. His dad is an American and his mama is Chinese so that makes him of a mixed Chinese and American Ethnicity.

Taylor Rapp Parents:

  • Father: Chiyan Rapp
  • Mother: Chris Rapp

Taylor Rapp Girlfriend:

Taylor is just 21 and doesn’t have many linkups with girls. He was linked to an Instagram model last year but the rumors died down because there was no further information on their relationship.

There are chances that he might be dating someone who is not famous and that could have been the reason for no news about his love life. Although in an interview his mother told the media that she would choose the right girl for Taylor because he isn’t good at judging people.

Taylor Rapp Early Life:

The parents of Rapp managed to enroll their son in a prestigious high school. He was a bright student and was good at academics. He was given a scholarship for his further studies but he could not avail it because he was inclined towards football. The coaching classes for football were also very expensive and his parents had a hard time coping up with the financial costs of the academy fees.

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