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Tom Brady Family Pictures, Wife, Kids, Age, Height, Worth

Tom Brady is a well known American Footballer, who plays as a quarterback for New England Patriots team in National Football League. He started playing football at early age and played for his school and college as well. Due to his tremendous performance, he was drafted by the NFL draft in 2000. After becoming the part of the New England Patriots team, he started playing for this team and made many records. He is one of two talented players who have won five super bowls and made many other records. Aside from his football career, he has also worked in many television programs like Saturday night line, Entourage and many others. He is also involved in politics and one of the closest friends of American president Donald Trump. Please scroll down for more information about the footballer Tom Brady, about his family pictures, wife, kids, age, height and worth.

Tom Brady Family Pictures, Wife, Kids, Age, Height, Worth

Tom Brady Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Father: Tom Brady Sr.
  • Mother: Galynn Patricia Brady
  • Siblings: Julie Brady, Maureen Brady, Nancy Brady
  • Wife: Gisele Bundchen
  • Kids: Vivian Lake Brady, Benjamin Brady, John Edward Thomas

Tom Brady Family:

He was born and brought up into a family of San Mateo in California. He has opened his eyes into the house of Mr. Tom Brady Sr. and his beloved wife Galynn Patricia. Tom has three elder sisters and has no brother. Being the only son of his parents he received great attention from his entire family.

Tom Brady Family Pictures, Wife, Kids, Age, Height, Worth

Tom Brady Wife:

He was in a relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan but didn’t get marriage to her. After his broke up with Bridget, he started dating to Gisele Bundchen and tied the knot to her. He loves his beloved wife a lot.

Tom Brady Family Pictures, Wife, Kids, Height, Worth

Tom Brady Kids:

He has three kids including a daughter Vivian Lake Brady and two sons Benjamin Brady and John Edward Thomas. He loves his kids a lot and always tries to spend his maximum time with them.

Tom Brady Family Pictures, Kids, Age, Height, Worth

Tom Brady Age:

He is currently in his 39th year of age and going to step into his 40th year of age on 3rd August in 2017.

Tom Brady Height:

This notable player has 6.4 feet tall height.

Tom Brady Worth:

According to the latest Forbes report, his current net worth is 44 Million Dollars. He has earned money through playing football and appearing in shows.

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