Tommy Pham Parents Ethnicity Family Nationality Girlfriend

At a time of birth, the parents of Tommy Pham were very young in age as his mother (Tawana) was just of 17 years and father (Anthuan) was just 19 years old. Moreover, he has a younger twin sister who was born just 2 minutes after him. His dad was spent most of his life in prison as he was involved in different street crimes and other illegal issues, that’s why he does not know much about him. So, his mother worked hard as a waitress for him and his twin sister. But being a single mother, it’s was not possible for her to raise these kids, so when Pham was of 5 years old, she married an electrician. But, it’s was not again a good experience for the kids as her new husband was failed to build a good relation with stepson Pham.

Its the Tommy Pham only

Tommy Pham Parents:

  • Father: Anhtuan
  • Mother: Tawana

Tommy Pham Ethnicity:

His grandma is a Vietnamese, meanwhile grandfather is African American. Meanwhile, from the mother’s side, probably she is also African American. That’s why   Tommy Pham Ethnicity is generally assumed as African American.

Tommy Pham Family:

  • Sister: Brittany
  • Brother: N/A
  • Kids: N/A

Tommy Pham Nationality:

Long ago, his grandparents were moved to the United States for the betterment of kids. So, no confusion in this reality the nationality of Tommy Pham is American.

Tommy Pham Girlfriend:

The life spend by Tommy Pham is not easy at all, he does not know the love of a father as he only meets him just twice in entire life, he always sees his mother in a difficult time. That’s why, personal life does not matter for him, and he only tried for a successful career. Till now we have not seen him enjoying any party or even with a lady at dinner. So who will be the Tommy Pham Girlfriend? is still a confusing question. Apparently, he is not a believer of cheating in love, so probably a lady will be the lucky one who will come in his life.

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