He is a well known basketball player present in France, who has been playing for the San Antonio Spurs in NBA. He was born into a family directly linked with basketball so he also started pursuing his basketball career at very early age. Tony played for amateur team before stepping into professional career. He kicked his professional career through joining San Antonio Spurs when he was drafted by the NBA draft in 2001.After joining this team, he performed very well and won four championships in different years like 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014. Asides this, he has also played for the French National team too. He has also made many records as he became all time leading scorer in EuroBasket competition in 2015. In this article you will come to know about the basketball player Tony Parker, about his family photos, wife, age, height and son name.

Tony Parker Family Member Name and Relationship:

  • Mother: Pamela Firestone
  • Father: Tony Parker Sr.
  • Wife: Axelle Francine
  • Brother: T.J. Parker, Pierre Parker
  • Son: Josh Parker

Tony Parker Family:

He was born into a family of Bruges Belgium but brought up in France. He was born to a former basketball player Tony Parker Sr. and his beloved wife Pamela Firestone. His mother worked as a model too. He has two beloved brothers named as T.J. Parker and Pierre Parker, who are also good basketball players too.

Tony Parker Wife:

He has married twice. First he married to well known actress Eva Longoria but split up with her after some time. After this he tied the knot to well known journalist Axelle Francine in 2014 and since then living happily with her.

Tony Parker Son:

He has also a beloved son Josh Parker from his current wife Axelle. He loves his beloved son a lot and considers him lucky charm for him.

Tony Parker Age:

He was born on 17th of May in 1982. He has recently stepped into 35th year of age in 2017.

Tony Parker Height:

He is 6.2 feet tall and has 84kg weight according to his tall height.

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