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Triple H Family Pics, Wife, Daughters, Height Weight

Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque) is one of the top American former professional wrestlers and founder of NXT championship on WWE Network. Triple H was very fond of wrestling in his childhood and wanted to become wrestler since the age of five years.  He started body building to fulfill his dream at the age of 14 and became Mr. Teenage in America. After this he has received training from a well known wrestler Killer Kowalski and made his professional wrestling debut in 1992. Since then he won a number of championships including heavy weight champion and many others in WWE. He is also prominent from his nicknames like The King of Kings and The Game due to his wrestling style. Besides his wrestling career he is also a well known actor and performed in a number of hit films in Hollywood film industry.


Triple H Family:

Triple H was born to Mr. Paul Levesque Sr. and his wife Patricia Levesque in Nashua, New Hampshire, United States America. His parents played a vital role in development of his wrestling career. They always motivate him for the best. He also has a sister named as Lynn.


Triple H Wife:

Triple H married to Stephanie Mcmahon, the daughter of Mr. Mcmahon. Stephanie is also a well known professional wrestler as well as the current CEO of the WWE. This beautiful couple has tied the knot in 2003 and since than they are spending very happy married life with each others. Stephanie is not only a good wrestler but also a good wife who always stands with her beloved husband in every situation.

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Triple H Daughters:

Triple H is a married person and enjoying very happy married life with his spouse and children. He has three beloved daughters Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, Murphy Claire Levesque and Aurora Rose Levesque from his wife Stephanie. He loves his all of daughters a lot.


Triple H Height and Weight:

Triple H is one of the fittest athlete and wrestler in America with 6.4 feet height. He also has accurate body mass according to his tall body structure. He has 116kg weight.

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