Bra shopping shouldn’t be rocket science, but contradictory terms and information can make this seemingly simple task nearly impossible. Taking accurate bust measurements and using a bra size quiz is an important first step when buying new bras. The next step is deciding on the best style for your body, wardrobe and personal taste. If you’ve been eyeing the sexier side of the bra aisle, you’ve probably wondered what the difference is between a balconette bra and a demi bra.

What Is the Purpose of a Balconette Bra?

A balconette bra wraps all the way around your bust. It’s similar to a balcony,  providing strong support entirely from the bottom while exposing the top half of the breast. Balconette bras are a  popular everyday style, rounding out many natural breast shapes and remaining invisible under all but the most plunging necklines.

Most balconette bras have push-up elements in their sturdy lower sections. Since most natural breasts are fuller on the bottom than on the top, this extra boost gives a rounder line. Balconette bras feature support between the breasts as well as on the sides for all-around coverage.

What Does a Demi Bra Mean?

A demi bra is a bra with shorter cups than a standard bra. Like a balconette bra, a demi bra doesn’t reach as far up the breasts, allowing for more daring necklines. A demi bra doesn’t feature the same all-around support as a balconette bra, although there is similar support from the bottom.

The main advantage of a demi bra over a regular bra is a sexier, sleeker look — both underneath clothes and on its own. A demi bra can also create cleavage for women with bottom-heavy breasts or breasts that naturally fall out to the sides.

When Is It Best To Choose a Balconette Bra?

Balconette bras are great all-purpose bras for those who want more support than a typical t-shirt bra can provide. They’re excellent at creating a smooth line and evening out any natural breast shape.

If you fall at the smaller end of the bra cup size chart but feel as if the shape of your bras let you down, the balconette may be your new best friend. Choose a balconette bra if standard bras or demi bras feel flimsy or don’t do enough to bring your breasts up and together.

When Is It Best To Choose a Demi Bra?

Demi bras are great for creating cleavage with small breasts. They’re also some of the sexiest styles and can help those with smaller breasts look more proportional in lingerie.

Demi bras, like bralettes, are minimal and streamlined options for those who need less breast support on top. Unlike bralettes, demi bras still have strong bottom support in the form of heavy-duty elastic or an underwire.

To find the best bras, get technical with bra terminology. Balconettes are like balconies and provide great support from the bottom all-around. They also have sturdy fabric between the breasts. Demi bras are smaller and sleeker versions of typical bras with shorter cups.

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