Online casino bonuses are the most casual type of promotions that are offered to users who are still not casino customers. This is the way how casino is trying to make you open your account on their website. And even more, in some cases, online casinos may also offer bonuses to the users who are already registered so that they can make a cash deposit or their account balance. However, these are lots of different types of bonuses nowadays and different casinos offers different promotions, but if you are looking for the best on the internet then you should try Primobet kazino.

Types of bonus

The first thing you need to do is to understand the type of bonus that is popular now. Mostly bonuses can be divided into two main categories, so let’s take a closer look:

  • No deposit bonuses is the first one and it is pretty understandable what this category is about. Those bonuses can be mostly received when registering at the casino, but sometimes you can get them for your loyalty as well.
  • Deposit bonuses is the second one and it means that those bonuses of course require depositing money in addition to registration.

The next type of the classification is how these bonuses appear in the game balance:

  • Bonus can be bonus money which means that this is the amount that is added to the balance of the gaming account right after your deposit and with which you can play lots of different casino games with all freedom.
  • The next type is free spins and this is truly a great opportunity to play slot machines without making deposits with your own money. This value won’t be displayed on the game account balance so pay your attention that the real opportunity to use free spins appears when you open a game in which they can be used.

The philosophy of online casino bonuses

If you are going to use online casino bonuses you should also clearly understand how it really works. You should understand first that casinos are not giving you money for free, it is just a part of their marketing strategy so in fact it gives you the opportunity to risk less. The next important detail is to understand that bonus money can not be withdrawn to your bank account until the rollover is completed so it is not just that simple to get it. The thing is that the casino distributes money with a bonus, and the user immediately withdraws it, it makes no sense. Their job is to make people play games. In order for the user to try the games, the casinos link the rollover to the welcome bonus. Rollover is a condition according to which, in order to withdraw bonus money, the user must play with this money several times in casino games. For example, a rollover of 40 times means that if the casino has provided a bonus of 100 points, then in order to withdraw funds, the user must place a bet of 40×100 = 4000 points on various bets and casino games for a certain time. If this is not achieved, the bonus money disappears along with the winnings received during the bonus period. It is important to understand that this is not a scam, these are always such rules and you should definitely get acquainted with them when you are registering on the site. So as we said, it is absolutely normal that it is not easy to rollover. 

Games that are allowed

In addition to the number of times you will have to bet on the bonus amount and the time limit for this, the general bonus terms usually have a list of games in which bets count less. For example, slot machines usually take 100% into account, which means that a bet of 100 points will deduct 100 points from the bonus. However, roulette bets are usually counted less, for example 20%, which means that a bet of 100 points will be counted only as 20 points. As long as you have a bonus, it is usually better to play only those games that give 100%.

It is always only your choice whether you should use a bonus or not so be careful before accepting it and make sure you know everything that you should about it.

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