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WWE superstars and divas has become the center of attention for the whole world. WWE Superstars And Divas Real Names And Ages 2019 is given. They are the world entertainers and they have huge fans and followers. Mostly people follow these stars and always stay conscious about their personal lives. They want to look in their personal lives and want to know about them in details. As they are the world entertainer therefore most of them use different ring names instead of their real names. Mostly fans don’t know the real names of their WWE stars and they are familiar to them by their ring names and faces. The ages of WWE superstars and divas and their date of births have also become mysteries for their fans too.  In this article, you will come to know about the WWE superstars and Divas real names and ages in 2019, which is written below.

WWE Superstars And Divas Real Names And Ages 2018

WWE Superstars Real Name and Ages in 2019:

On the below side, we are going to share WWE Superstars Real Name and Ages in 2019 is given here. So check the below-given table where we are sharing real name of WWE superstars. Asides this, we are also sharing their ages too.

No WWE Superstars Ring Name WWE Superstars Real Names WWE Superstars Ages in 2019
1 Roman Reign Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i 25-05-1985
(34 Year)
2 Seth Rollins Colby Daniel Lopez 28-05-1986
(33 year)
3 Triple H Paul Michael Levesque 27-07-1969
(50 year)
4 Kevin Owens Kevin Yanick Steen 07-05-1984
(35 year)
5 Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar 12-07-1977
(42 Year)
6 John Cena John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. 23-04-1977
(42 years)
7 Finn Balor Fergal Devitt 25-07-1981
(38 years)
8 Bray Wyatt Windham Lawrence Rotunda 23-05-1987
(32 Year)
9 The Undertaker Mark William Calaway 24-03-1965
(54 Year)
10 Kane Glenn Thomas Jacobs 26-04-1967
(52 year)

Note: These ages mentioned above are till February 2019.

WWE Divas Real Name and Ages in 2019:

Like superstars, we are also sharing WWE Divas real name and ages in 2019. So if you are looking for the WWE Divas Ages in 2019 or their real names than you can check it online from this website.

No WWE Divas Ring Names WWE Divas Real Name WWE Divas Ages in 2019
1 Nikki Bella Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace 21-11-1983
(36 Year)
2 Brie Bella Brianna Monique Danielson 21-11-1983
(36 years)
3 Paige Saraya-Jade Bevis 17-08-1992
(27 years)
4 AJ Lee April Jeanette “AJ” Mendez Brooks 19-03-1987
(32 years)
5 Sasha Banks Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado 26-01-1992
(27 years)
6 Alexa Bliss Alexis Lexi Kaufman 09-08-1991
(28 years)
7 Charlotte Flair Ashley Elizabeth fliehr 05-04-1986
(33 years)
8 Becky Lynch Rebecca Quin 30-01-1987
(32 years)
9 Carmella Leah Van Dale 23-10-1987
(32 years)
10 Naomi Trinity Fatu 30-11-1987
(32 years)

Note: These mentioned ages are till February 2019.

WWE Superstars And Divas Real Names And Ages 2019 is given above. This is the list of WWE superstars and divas currently working in WWE. Their ages and real names are mentions here. These ages are till February 2019. For more information please stay connected with us. This is the place to check WWE Superstars Real Names, WWE Superstars real Ages 2019, WWE Divas Real Names, WWE Divas Real Ages 2019.

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