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Zac Hanson’s family has some special affiliation with music, as his 2 elder brothers are the active members of a known band Hanson. Other than these two bro’s, he has also 4 sisters and 1 brother. Furthermore, he has many nephews as most of his siblings are happily married. During his childhood, the family was not very rich and it was hard for his parents to earn money for such a big household. He did homeschooling and was interested to join the music line. He and his brothers often used to play music in cafes to gain attention. Then they formed a Pop band and gained worldwide success after releasing an album in 1997. He is the youngest member of the Hanson band and was given a special nickname by his fans and most of the time he is referred to as Zacy.

the Zac Hanson and his family

Zac Hanson Family:

  • Father: Walker Hanson
  • Mother: Diana Hanson

Zac Hanson Siblings:

His family tree is a huge one, as the number of his bro and sis is 6. And now they all are parents so the length of this tree is going longer. The names of Zac Hanson siblings are:

  • Brother: Taylor Hanson, Isaac Hanson, and Joshua Mackenzie Hanson
  • Sister:  Avery Hanson, Zoe Hanson, and Jessica Hanson

Zac Hanson Wife:

Zac and his childhood sweetheart Katherine are definitely in a very strong bond and have been together for many years. Zac’s wife attended her high school days with sister in law Natalie. That’s why she is close to his siblings too.

Zac Hanson Kids:

The number of Zac Hanson kids are 4 and among them, 2 are his son and 2 are daughters. Their name is

  • Son: John Ira ‘Shepherd and George Abraham Walker
  • Daughter: Junia Rosa Ruth and Mary Lucille Diana

Zac Hanson Net Worth:

Zac Hanson’s net worth is guessed to be a king sized dollar 20 Million which is a very big amount. Most of the income comes from his studio albums plus his great career in both film and television. He gained success not only with Hanson but also as a solo singer.

Film and Television Career:

He is not only a famous musician but he is also a recognized actor. Some of his hit films include Strong Enough to Break, Frank McKlusky and C.I. He also worked in some successful television dramas.

Quick Facts:

He is a talented drummer, pianist and is also a good keyboard player. He is also a film producer, song writer-actor and composer. There is no profession which he has not tried and succeeded in. He is the youngest and most charming son of Diana and Walker. His height is 1.78 m and has a gentle personality.

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