The big day is planned down to the smallest detail, from table assignments that pay special attention to existing relationships to the room’s setup. Food is meticulously chosen to align with the preferences of the loving couple, and the bouquets feature stunning flowers. All of this is done to help create a magical wedding day that won’t soon be forgotten.

That, however, doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly. This is why being prepared for the unexpected to help your best friend feel at ease is so critical. Here are a few items you should have with you on the big day to help it go as smoothly as possible.

1. Spot Treatment

Wedding photos are something couples plan to keep forever. So, it’s incredibly annoying when a stress zit or hormonal acne starts creeping in. Avoid damage to the big day’s photographic evidence by carrying acne treatment with you. That way, if an unwanted party guest arrives on the bride’s (or groom’s) face, you’ll have it covered.

2. Sewing Kit

No matter how you cut it, there’s a lot of material involved in weddings. From tablecloths and linens to the wedding dress itself, the list is lengthy. With that comes limitless opportunities for tears or other unsightly damage. Be ready with a sewing kit — including extra white thread — equipped to ensure any snag is easily fixed. With your handiwork, it’ll be like it never happened.

3. Earring Backs

Prepping to walk down the aisle is no easy feat. You’re doing hair, makeup, changing, and making sure the bride isn’t feeling too stressed. One of the easiest things to forget (or lose) is the back of your earring. Avoid the dread of noticing you’re one earring short come show time by bringing extra earring backs with you. Typically, they can be bought in bulk online or you can borrow a couple from your other earrings.

4. Eyelash Glue

If the bride’s something old, new, or blue is a necklace, this tip is for you. When a necklace has a traditional clasp, it sometimes makes its way to the front thanks to gravity. In everyday life, it’s no big deal, but it’s an eyesore at a big occasion like a wedding. Keep the necklace in place by putting a dot of eyelash glue on the skin and carefully press the necklace down. Then, wait for it to dry and relax knowing it’ll stay in place all night long.

5. Q-tips and/or Tissues

Happy tears are another wedding staple. And while joyfully crying for your loved one is totally acceptable behavior, the tear streaks aren’t exactly photogenic. Stop them from happening altogether by having Q-tips or tissues hidden in your bouquet. When your eyes start to well up, grab the Q-tip or tissue and dab the inner corner of your eye. This will soak up the tear before it falls down your face to keep you looking picture-perfect.

6. Portable Fan

Whether there’s anxiety in the bridal suite or you’re rushing to put the finishing touches on the day, overheating happens. But it’s not great for maintaining your hair and makeup look. So, invest in some handheld fans to save the day. Pick a rechargeable one and plug it in to charge the night before the wedding. Then, throw it in the bag you bring to the venue so you and the bridal party stay cool no matter what.

7. Phone Charger

You’ll likely be snapping pictures of the happy couple all day long to get a few perfect, behind-the-scenes candids. However, extended use of the camera app can drain your battery. Don’t lose out on documenting memories by stowing a phone charger in your bag. If your battery drops below 50%, plug it in to last you through the night. After the grand exit, you’ll be happy you can call a ride home from your well-charged device.

8. Snacks

The bigger the bridal party, the longer it takes to get ready. And if the ceremony is set to start in the mid to late afternoon, that means you could be in for an early morning. Avoid everyone getting hangry by picking up a variety of snacks. Choose something salty, something sweet, and throw in a protein option, too. When stomachs start to growl and dinner isn’t for a few more hours, you’ll be glad you did.

9. First-Aid Kit

Beauty is pain as they say, and weddings are evidence of that. Do your future self a favor and invest in a small first-aid kit for the big day. Make sure you have bandaids in case your shoes hurt your feet and tweezers for last-minute plucking. Painkillers for aches, pains, or unexpected headaches aren’t bad to have either. Include whatever you think you may need or opt for a premade one, just ensure you have access to the essentials.

10. Speaker

Waking up early for wedding day preparation is part of the maid of honor duties. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun all day long, though. A small portable speaker playing energetic tunes can help boost the mood and keep everyone in high spirits. Make a playlist ahead of time featuring the bride’s favorite songs, and you’re all set. Just make sure you charge it up beforehand to keep the music playing until the party is set to begin.

It Was Meant to Be

When the wedding day arrives, you’re going to feel excited for your friend. But planning ahead for wedding day disasters will give you the confidence of knowing you’re ready for nearly every scenario. Being prepared and being the maid of honor naturally goes together, much like the perfect match between your friend and their new spouse.

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