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Usain Bolt Family Photos Wife Father Mom Height

Jamaica has produced world champion and the fastest sprinter ever in history. Yes of course! I am talking about all favorite sprinter “Usain Bolt”. Usain is just like a bullet on the running track because when he runs not one can catch him easily. He has been 11 times world sprinter champion and has won 3 versions of Olympics continuously in this game.  He is a man having long legs and lean body with fit frame whose stamina for running is as he will never tired of running. Usain is a successful man not only in his field but in real life he is a good fellow and has maintained a huge fan following on his social page as well as there is a number of his fans who want to know all about him so that they can follow his lifestyle to be very fit and to become fast like him. If you are also among such fans of him and want to know about her family and physical standards then just stay reading this article and scroll down this page to get that details along with his photos.

Usain Bolt Family Photos Wife Father Mom Height

Usain Bolt Family

Bolt has raised up with his five member’s catholic family his father Wellesley Bolt, Mom Jennifer Bolt, Brother Sadiki Bolt and Sister Sherine Bolt. His family lived in a small town named as Sherwood Content in Trelawny, Jamaica. When he was a child during school his family was not as rich as others there. The run a grocery store and meets their ends need. Although Bolt was interested in sports and become a school level champion in his school and his family support him to pursue his career as a sprinter.

Usain Bolt Wife

Usain Bolt is single but as per his confession on married life is very strong and realistic. Well as per a media report he has been dating with 2 girls in his past. In 2011 to 2012 he has been in relationship with Taneish Simpson while later in 2013 she was dating with April Jackson who is a Jamaican common girl. Although he is dating speculating but Bolt has not yet announced any of her marital status or dating details on any show.

Usain Bolt Family Photos Wife Father Mom

Usain Bolt Height

Jamaican track runner Usain Bolt is a long strong and physically fit person with a 6 feet and 5 inches (6’ x 5’’ i.e. 1. 95 meter). His body weight is 207 lb that is 94 KG. This is a good combination of body weight index, although he is tall one but his body weight and frame is just perfect for being a sports man sprinter.

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